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Clay In The Blood

The Meaders Family Folk Pottery Tradition

"John Milton Meaders...started the first [Meaders family] pottery shop in 1892...In the early days the pottery was used to preserve food, churn milk, and carry water." -Sarah Freeman, J.M. Meaders' great-great-granddaughter

"Even Dad, when he talks about turning pottery, he'll say, 'Well, how many gallons did you turn today?'I don't know, I don't care...we don't have a cow out here we're milking."-Clete Meaders

"I worked at it twenty years making face jugs, and now...everybody in the country is making face jugs."-Lanier Meaders

"I make chickens, I make pigs, I make jugs, I make churns or whatever comes into my mind that satisfies myself."-Reggie Meaders

"I'm not really tried to make 'em look real fancy or anything. They tell me if you do, people won't like it all that much."-Edwin Meaders

"Nowadays...folks want something to look at instead of something to use."-David Meaders

Produced and directed by Doug Loggins, with original music by Chip Epsten.

Also available from eyeball productions, The Pasaquoyan, an award winning documentary about the lifeand works of Eddie Owens Martin, a.k.a. St. EOM.

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